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I'll try anything to see if im good at it. 9/10 not....


I made this OC not too long ago but i felt like i made him too empty. So i'm rewriting him!
Name: Birch

Species: Treant
Age: He lost count...

HP: 1750 (3000 Genocide)
ATK: 5    (10 Genocide)
DEF: 10   (20 Genocide)

Battle Description: His name is Birch. But he's actually an oak.
Genocide Description: Looks flammable.

Battle style: He'll shake his body to drop harmful leaves from above or stick his roots in the ground to attack from below. He can change the size of his body at will.

Special attack: Apple barrage *He grows and drops apples rapidly to attack. The apples vary in colors. White apples deal damage, Blue apples can be avoided by standing still, Orange apples can be avoided by moving, Green apples restore health (Green apples don't appear during Genocide) and Purple apples deal poison damage (Like Sans' attacks, won't appear on Pacifist/Neutral)*

Appearance: Birch is a walking talking oak tree. He has root formations around his body to form appendages such as arms and legs and can always grow more. His leaves are made to look like he has hair and a beard. His eyes and mouth are pitch black as if he was hollow from the inside though his eyes have yellow glowing dots on them as pupils. 

Bio: Birch is a very old oak tree. He likes to spend most of his time walking around in the underground, talking to other monsters, drinking water, spending time with his friend Gerson and just peacefully enjoying his life. Ask him about any subject and he'll talk your ear off about it...Whether he knows anything about it or not. He's a very wise tree if not a bit forgetful at times. Despite being a tree he doesn't mind seeing and using structures, furniture and tools made out of wood. His response when asked about the topic is always "It's just the way things are. No sense in complaining about what you cannot change." though he does get anxious around fire. In combat Birch is very formidable, though pacifistic and normally only does so in self-defense. During the war against humans he was Gerson's partner. Back then Gerson was known as the "Hammer of justice" while Birch was known as the "Guardian of nature" Though nowadays those titles don't mean much to either of them aside from distant memories.

Role: Mini-boss (Boss in Genocide)

Likes: Water, Clean soil, talking, Gerson, taking strolls, peaceful days, sunlight, Waterfall

Dislikes: Fire, polluted areas, Hotland, loud noises, violence
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Stuff (Homework related)
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: The TrumBONE! (DAMNIT SANS!)
  • Eating: Nothing (Stomach hurts)
  • Drinking: Water

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