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so...yeah. my gallery is full of either photos and drawings of my misadventures in the gameing world or from problems i have in real life. so enjoy my misery (or joy, whatever comes first)




I DIDNT FORGET! unlike the rest of the world...anyways. hope you have a good thanks giving, a merry christmas, a happy haunica and new year! also dont eat a turkey this big...its not a good idea...

Tagged by animelover131313  and Creeper202

1. Choose one of your OCs and answer the 10 questions listed below.
2. Tag 5 or more people at the end.
3. No tag backs.
(OH NO I GOT TAGGED TWICE! i hope this doesnt mean i have to do this 2 times)
Interviewer: Hello again!
Voodu: what the!? didnt i already do your stupid interview!? OC MEME
Interviewer: these are different. also im pretty sure you've changed during that time so the last interview is now irrelevent.
Voodu: *sighs* FINE! lets get it over with...
1. What is your name?

Voodu Dalh

2. Who do you get along with the most?

i get along with almost everyone i meet.

3. That's nice. Do you have any sort of special traits or abilities?

VOODOO! DOLL! come on i told you this the last time! but i did become pretty good at spell casting and shape shifting.

4. What would you do if you became... NOTHING!?


5. Alright, fair enough, but consider this: You're locked in a room, there's a guard outside the door, and all you've got with you is a paper clip, some string, and a picture of Mike Tyson. What do you do?

I bend the paper clip into a lockpick and well...pick the lock. then i give the picture of mike tyson as a bribe to the guard cause im not really into sports. and i keep the string cause...STRING!

6. How do you defend yourself from Eriko?


7. I see. Well then, what's your daily routine at Beacon look like?

well i pay full attention in class, take all my notes, eat lunch. lather, rince and repeat!...although it kinda bothers me that Roy sleeps through those classes. ROY IF YOUR READING THIS THEN THE NEXT TIME YOU FALL ASLEEP IN CLASS I WILL JAM THIS POTION DOWN YOUR THROUT!

8. Interesting. What about on your days off

Well if in not with Roy or anyone else i usually go for walks alone or just experiment with magic or potions and sometimes even dust. maybe play aroud with Grimmlin.

9. Do you have any enemies?

I've...made some through out my long life...they cant find me though thats for damn sure.

10. If you could be doing anything else right now, what would it be?

*readying fire spell* cook your ass medium rare if YOU DONT STOP DOING THESE DAMN INTERVIEWS!

You're finished! Tag at least 5 or more people to answer these questions!
im not tagging anyone cause nobody i ever tag actually does it. sad face. =(

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i always return a watch.

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