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I'll try anything to see if im good at it. 9/10 not....




Bolt the Electrivire by alex-limon
Bolt the Electrivire
Nature: Impish, Often dozes off
Met at Lv24, Chargestone cave
Ability: Motor Drive
HP: 196
Attack: 184
Defence: 114
Sp.Attack: 115
Sp.Defence: 140
Speed: 144

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Grendel the Slaking by alex-limon
Grendel the Slaking
Nature: Relaxed, Capable of taking hits
Met at Lv34, Route 10
Ability: Truant
HP: 281
Attack: 226
Defence: 176
Sp.Attack: 135
Sp.Defence: 111
Speed: 134

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Diego the Feraligatr by alex-limon
Diego the Feraligatr
Nature: Careful, Very finicky
Met at Lv23, Route 6
Ability: Torrent
HP: 192
Attack: 155
Defence: 155
Sp.Attack: 109
Sp.Defence: 146
Speed: 130

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Talon the Archeops by alex-limon
Talon the Archeops
Nature: Bold, Hates to lose
Met at 25,Necrene City (Fossil) 
Ability: Defeatist
HP: 187
Attack: 171
Defence: 121
Sp.Attack: 168
Sp.Defence: 118
Speed: 160

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From :iconskyarmyrecurit1000:  RWBY OC Pokemon AU challengeSo here's a challenge try revamping your oc into a rwby pokemon Alternative Universe. You have to base the pokemkn they use on their semblance so if they have a fire semblance then Fire and dragon types, Ice the water and ice types. You can add a third type to the team but if you do then only two pokemon of ghat type. And here's who I'm Challenging :iconCreeper202: :iconAlex-Limon: :iconzombiehunter2: and :iconSunWohng: or was it :iconSunWhong: ? Better check when this journal is is posted. Anyway you can challenge anyone you want but no challenge backs. And no history needed for this at all just some information on the person, their pokemon and their type battle style and weather their pokemon can mega evolve or not, however no legendaries till I say so.
Here I go
Name: Andrew Silver Wright
Species: Human
Height: 7 feet
Weight: 193 lbs (looks fit)
Eye color: red
Hair color and style: black and wild
Outfit: Black shoes, blue jeans, black shirt wij flames and a dragon on it, white

So here's mine because i love pokemon too much to resist. :D
Name: (Human name) Voodu Dahl (Real name: Voodoo Doll)

Species: Living Voodoo Doll, Often seen in human form.

Height: 5.4 (often varies)

Eye Color: often varies

Hair color: (Human) Black (true form) Brown cloth (often varies)

Outfit: Brown long sleeved shirt with various pockets, darker brown cargo pants (again with various pockets), orange sneakers.

Personality: Very friendly (often too much), a bit sarcastic, too quick to trust.

Pokemon types: Psychic, Ghost and Dark

Pokemon: Claydol, Bronzong, Chandelure, Honchkrow, Hydreigon and Banette. 

Battle style: Leads with Bronzong to set up dual screens or uses Claydol to set up cosmic power and sandstorm to stall apposing teams, Then uses Honchkrow to attempt an early sweep with any of its moves or will use Chandelure to cripple pokemon with Will-O-Wisp and Finish them off with Hex, Finally he will use Hydreigon or Banette to finish of weakened teams or revenge KO any remaining Pokemon.

Pokemon that can Mega Evolve: Banette

Team: V.O.D.U.

Teammates: Ukira Hazuchi, Oliver Cross and Daniel Simmons.

Likes: Practicing his spell casting, Alchemy, Experimentation, Tea, Adventure.

Dislikes: Being interrupted, Disorder, Filth, Fire, Swimming, Cruelty, Being called "It".
  • Mood: Joy
  • Playing: Pokemon Black

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